hrp0089p2-p163 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity P2 | ESPE2018

Evaluation of Voiding Dysfunction in Obese Children

Nur Asilturk Havva , Ozhan Bayram , Yuksel Selcuk

Obesity is a common public health problem. Secondary complications are increasing with the increase in the prevalence of obesity. Studies on the effect of obesity on the urinary system in children continue and are limited. In this study, it was aimed to evaluate the relationship between childhood obesity and lower urinary tract dysfunction (LUTD) with metabolic and anthropometric measures. 400 obese children between 6 and 18 years of age who had a body mass index ≥95 per...

hrp0082p3-d1-769 | Fat Metabolism & Obesity | ESPE2014

The Importance of Weight for Height for Prediction of Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Children and Adolescents: Impact of Gender and Pubertal Status

Ozhan Bayram , Ersoy Betul , Kiremitci Seniha

Background: We aimed to assess whether or not anthropometric indices such as weight circumference (WC), waist/hip ratio (WHR), waist-height ratio (WHtR), and weight for height (W/H) are predictors for metabolic syndrome (MetS) among obese children and adolescents. We aimed to describe effects of gender and pubertal status on these anthropometric indices.Method: A total of 291 obese children and adolescents (160 girls and 131 boys, age range: 6–16 ye...

hrp0094p2-272 | Growth hormone and IGFs | ESPE2021

Evaluation of the clinical and laboratory parameters and final adult height in patients treated with recombinant human growth hormone.

Sayin Emine , Altincik Ayca , Ozhan Bayram ,

The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical and laboratory features of patients who received recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) treatment and to investigate the factors that determine the response to rhGH treatment. The clinical features of children treated at least one year with rhGH were retrospectively analyzed. Patients were grouped according to diagnosis; isolated GH deficiency (IGHD), multiple pituitary hormone deficiency (MPHD), Turner s...

hrp0082p3-d3-730 | Diabetes (2) | ESPE2014

Wolcott–Rallison Syndrome in Two Siblings with no Implication of EIF2AK3 Mutation

Altincik Ayca , Ozhan Bayram , Flanagan Sarah , Ellard Sian

Background: Wolcott–Rallison syndrome (WRS) which is characterized with permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus (PNDM), epiphyseal dysplasia, recurrent hepatitis and is caused by EIF2AK3 mutations.Objective and hypotheses: There is a possibility of a variant form of WRS, not caused by EIF2AK3 mutation.Method: Case 1: She was born at term from consanguineous parents. Family history was unremarkable. She had been ...

hrp0089p1-p254 | Thyroid P1 | ESPE2018

Isolated Congenital Central Hypothyroidism due to a Novel Mutation in TSH Beta Subunit Gene

Kirkgoz Tarik , Ozhan Bayram , Cetin Ozan , Kaygusuz Sare Betul , Turan Serap , Bereket Abdullah , Guran Tulay

Objective: Congenital isolated thyrotropin (TSH) deficiency is a rare condition due to autosomal recessive defects in TSHβ, TBL1X, IGSF1, TRHR genes. There are a few patients described with TSHβ mutations to date. These patients display the typical manifestations of severe untreated congenital hypothyroidism. Most patients are unrecognized, even in newborns screening settings due to unelevated TSH levels, which results in severe growth fail...

hrp0084p3-665 | Bone | ESPE2015

Vitamin D Status in Children in the Western Part of Turkey

Ozhan Bayram , Evrengul Havva , Agladioglu Sebahat Yilmaz , Yasar Sukru Umit , Demir Suleyman

Background: An optimal vitamin D status is important for the growth and development of bones in children and adolescents. The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency is still high, even in low-latitude and industrialized countries, and vitamin D deficiency in childhood is reemerging as major public health issue.Objectives: To determine the frequencies of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) deficiency and insufficiency in children and adolescents.<p class="abste...

hrp0089p3-p353 | Sex Differentiation, Gonads and Gynaecology or Sex Endocrinology P3 | ESPE2018

A Novel Compound Heterozygous Mutation in CYP19A1 Resulting in Aromatase Deficiency with Normal Gonadotropin Levels and Ovarian Tissue

Acar Sezer , Paketci Ahu , Onay Huseyin , Cankaya Tufan , Gursoy Semra , Ozhan Bayram , Abacı Ayhan , Ozer Erdener , Olguner Mustafa , Bober Ece , Demir Korcan

Introduction: Aromatase deficiency leading to virilization in mother and female fetuses during pregnancy is a rare disease. It is characterized by impaired estrogen production, increased gonadotropins, and ovarian cysts. Herein, we report a clinical phenotype of the virilized female due to a novel compound heterozygous mutation in CYP19A1.Case report: A 4-month-old girl was referred due to cliteromegaly. Her mother had developed acne, hair loss,...

hrp0084p3-1218 | Thyroid | ESPE2015

Effects of Subclinically Hypothyroidism on Haemorheological Parameters in Paediatric Population

Balci Yasemin Isik , Agladioglu Sebahat Yilmaz , Agladioglu Kadir , Toprak Emine Kilic , Erkek Ozgen Kilic , Ozhan Bayram , Polat Aziz , Kucukatay Melek Bor

Objective: Subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) prevalence in the paediatric population is reported between 1.7 and 9.5%. Results of the adult studies on SH showed that long term SH had negative effects on atherosclerosis, dyslipidaemia, insulin resistance and cognitive functions. The decision about treatment of SH in paediatric patients is still a matter of debate. None of the consensus statements published about the management of SH addressed the issue of SH in the paediatric pop...

hrp0094p2-121 | Diabetes and insulin | ESPE2021

The effect of glycemic variability on DNA damage in pediatric patients with type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Gokmen Gokhan , Altincik Ayca , Kılıc Erkek Ozgen , Tunc Ata Melek , Kılınc Toprak Emine , Kucukatay Vural , Ozhan Bayram ,

Increased glycemic variability is an important risk factor in terms of complications independent of HbA1c. The aim of this study was; to investigate the relationship between continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) indices and clinical data, to investigate DNA damage in patients with diabetes and to evaluate the effect of glycemic variability on DNA damage. Fifty patients with T1DM, aged under 18 years old, who were followed up at least one year in Pediatric Endocrinology D...

hrp0082p2-d3-613 | Turner Syndrome | ESPE2014

Nationwide Study of Turner Syndrome During Childhood in Turkey: Evaluation of Associated Problems

Yesilkaya Ediz , Darendeliler Feyza , Bereket Abdullah , Bas Firdevs , Poyrazoglu Sukran , Aydin Banu Kucukemre , Darcan Sukran , Dundar Bumin , Buyukinan Muammer , Kara Cengiz , Sari Erkan , Adal Erdal , Akinci Aysehan , Atabek Mehmet Emre , Demirel Fatma , Celik Nurullah , Ozkan Behzat , Ozhan Bayram , Cinaz Peyami , Pediatric Endocrinology Turner Study Group

Background: Turner syndrome is one of the most common chromosomal disorders and is seen in 1:2500 female live births. The disease manifests with various clinical features and can be classified according to karyotype as monosomy, mosaicism, numeric, and structural abnormalities.Objective and hypotheses: Patients with Turner syndrome have complicated with various manifestations congenital or acquired. In this study we aimed to emphasise the importance of a...