hrp0092p1-358 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity (2) | ESPE2019

Relationship Between RBP4 Level and Two of its Gene Polymorphisms with Body Composition and Metabolic Profile in Obese Children

Pascanu Maria-Ionela , Pop Raluca , Banescu Claudia , Hutanu Adina , Vasilache Simona , Marginean Oana

Background: The role of retinol binding protein 4 (RBP4) in the insulin resistance associated with obesity is still unclear and various studies have analyzed the role of its gene polymorphisms as a potential key to understanding the mechanisms involved.Aim: The current study aimed to analyze the relationship between RBP4 levels, the distribution of two SNP (rs3758539 and rs10882280) and the metabolic, anthropometric para...

hrp0089p2-p131 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity P2 | ESPE2018

Visfatin, RBP4 and STRA6 polymorphisms’ in relation with Childhood Obesity

Pascanu Ionela , Pop Raluca , Vasilache Simona , Marginean Oana , Moldovan Valeriu , Banescu Claudia

Background: Several visfatin, retinol binding protein 4(RBP4) and high affinity receptor for RBP4, STRA6 (stimulated by retinoic acid) single nuclear polymorphismsÂ’ (SNP) have been investigated regarding their relationship with obesity with controversial results.Aim: To analyze the association of two specific SNP for visfatin, RBP4 and STRA6 with anthropometric markers of obesity in children.Material and method: A case control...

hrp0095p2-226 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty | ESPE2022

Polyuria-polydipsia- first sign of a rare hematological disease

Loredana Vasilache Simona , Cima Luminiţa , Fica Simona , Sfrijan Doiniţa , Sorin Târnăveanu , Ultimescu Flavia , Coliţă Anca

Introduction: Central diabetes insipidus (CDI) is a rare disorder in children. The etiology of CDI in childhood is heterogeneous: tumors or surgery in the hypothalamic-pituitary region, head trauma, vascular and inflammatory diseases. Neuroimaging plays an important role in the differential diagnosis of CDI in children and adolescents. The MRI may detect brain malformations, but also is the gold standard when evaluating the sellar-suprasellar region in CDI.</p...

hrp0097p1-585 | Thyroid | ESPE2023

Papillary thyroid carcinoma incidentally discovered in young patients - a case series

Grosu Iustina , Dumitrache Sabina-Maria , Zubaci Ana , Stan Raluca , Cima Luminita-Nicoleta , Vasilache Simona , Martin Sorina-Carmen , Sirbu Anca-Elena , Soare Iulia , Barbu Carmen-Gabriela , Miron Adrian , Terzea Dana , Fica Simona

Introduction: Thyroid carcinoma in pediatric and young adult population presents contradictory features: it has higher rates of multifocal disease, local and distant metastasis and reccurence compared to the adult population, yet the 5-year survival rate is 98%. The rising incidence seen recently cannot be entirely explained by overdiagnosis, as increasing rates of advanced-stage disease are also observed. The rise consists primarily of papillary thyroid carci...